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Hoya International Corporation specializes in providing total satisfaction in international ocean freight forwarding services to companies both large and small. We can handle almost any size shipment, from full loads to oversized or less than container loads. At Hoya International, we understand that every shipment project presents logistical process complexities. By utilizing our industry network and trusted partnerships, our logistics division develops the most efficient schedule and a definitive plan for each shipment phase. Our focus allows for service analysis, consultation and adjustment throughout the shipping process.

Our staff facilitates the process of your shipment by managing shipping documentation, processing customs, arranging pick-up and delivery when needed. Our extensive relations with shipping lines such as Maersk Line, APL, MOL, U.S. Lines, CMA-CGM, and Wan Hai Lines, to name a few, allow us to provide you with access to a global major ports, allowing flexible schedules for sailing and securing space on vessels.


  • Coordination of heavy/over-sized equipment between shipping origin and destination points
  • Consolidation based on a project area, phase, specified or predetermined timeline
  • Emergency expediting
  • Coordination of ocean freight, air freight and other types of shipments
  • Intermodal container movements for container load and less-than-container load shipments
  • Timely response to tracing requests, billing requests, and other customer requests



This is typically the most affordable method for transporting cars overseas. The simplest description of a Ro/Ro vessel would be a floating parking lot. The cars are driven into the vessel at the port of loading, secured to the deck of the ship and then simply driven out of the vessel at the port of destination. All automobiles are protected from the elements in enclosed cargo decks. This form of international auto shipping can provide an affordable, as well as dependable option for transporting automobiles overseas. Oversized boats which are too large to fit inside of a container as well as construction equipment are typically shipped in a Roll on/Roll off vessel.